What We Shipped at Cleft in April

Jonny Cosgrove

What we shipped

It has been 40 days since we shipped Cleft. We've now shipped 6 releases of Cleft since we shipped the first public build.

We wanted to make sure it's easy to see what is now live and ready to use in Cleft. Going forward, we will publish at the beginning of the month with what we have shipped, to make sure you know what you can achieve with Cleft.

Apple Shortcuts and Siri support

Build Cleft into your workflow with Apple shortcuts and Siri. See details on Apple Shortcuts and Siri support here.

Cue Cards

Prompt thoughts and easily connect your thoughts using Cue Cards.

Custom vocabulary and tone

Add a unique narrative or tone of voice to your notes - gain more control over the context of your notes with custom vocabulary and tone.

Plaintext copy

Speed up getting your notes into your workflow using plaintext copy.

Share-Sheet support

Share your notes back into your workflow and to the other apps you love natively, using Share-Sheet support.

Listen back to your notes

Listen back to your thoughts later with the new playback button.

Action Button support

Turn your Action Button into your notes recorder with support on iPhones. Add Cleft to your Action button with instructions here.

New help section

We have upgraded something that is important to us - making sure you have update to date documentation. Check it out here.

What's improved

  • Brand new UI
  • Keyboard shortcut upgrades
  • App-Switching
  • Background uploading
  • Published notes audio upgrade
  • Done and clear button
  • Publish button
  • Auto-copy links
  • Lazy Loading for notes
  • Transcription Enhancements
  • UI improvements
  • Updated keyboard layer
  • Relocation of the formatting bar
  • Action Button Shortcut upgrades
  • Loading screen upgrades
  • Plus lots of squashed bugs, thanks to you folks!

What's next

We have already released our first build of May - check it out here. Based on the feedback we have heard so far from our community, here is what we are currently working on:

Reach out to us

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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