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The best way to wrap up after a meeting
Requires macOS v14 or iOS v17
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Enjoy talking more than typing?

Have an idea? A dream you don't want to forget? Maybe you just got out of a meeting and need to record a wrap up summary for your team. Just speak and Cleft will turn your voice into instantly shareable notes all in perfect markdown format.

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Presentation Feedback

The presentation lacked pricing and an actual proposal and focused mostly on case studies.

I should have communicated my expectations better or provided more guidance to you guys.

The last-minute nature of the call meant I hadn’t had a chance to review the deck

Okay, so I just got off the call with the client. I will say that the presentation lacked kind of a solution. It was mostly just case studies. I think we needed to show him some pricing or like an example pod or example monthly retainer. And there's also way too many case studies, but maybe this was my fault for not communicating what I needed or I don't know. This guy booked a call very last minute with me, so I didn't even have time to even review this. So it might be on my part, but that was just general feedback is that I was expecting like an actual proposal with costs and timelines and I guess timelines not necessarily, but at least like a pricing block like we usually have.

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Speak Your Mind and Let Cleft Do the Rest

Let your thoughts flow naturally and speak off the cuff. When you're done recording, Cleft transforms your thoughts into coherent text along with heading titles & even reorganizing the structure for easier to read content.

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Listen back or just read the notes

Voice messages might be the best way for you to communicate but maybe your colleagues would rather skim a note instead. Cleft gives you the best of both worlds with an easily shareable link with both your voice and the AI notes. Update your note in the app and the link will automatically update too!

Example of sharing a note.
"I was so impressed with the way it synthesizes the meaning of your voice note. The way Cleft just brings it all together in a shorter, nicer formatted, easy to read note is a game changer for me."
- Scott
"There’s something about Cleft that just simplifies the process and I’m enjoying the AI algorithm that you guys are using."
- Graham
"I have very quickly adapted to using Cleft for longer notes and rambles that I want to use as structured text"
- Gus
Finally, AI-powered note-taking that works EXACTLY as it should. I try dozens of new AI tools and most of them I use exactly once. I’ve used Cleft three times just this evening, it’s so good.
- Torsten
"As someone with ADHD who's a little spacey but has a lot to do - this app is very helpful."
- Dave
"I was left super impressed at how well It worked for taking notes."
- Nghia
"Wow! I was just rambling with my phone on the desk and it got the recording perfect and organized it into topics and steps. Very impressive."
- David
"Might be the first actual "AI marketed" application that seems to work and isn't some sort of scam"
- swift_automatons on Reddit
"It's not often you find apps that raise the bar like Cleft. You are onto something here."
- Isaac
"Wow - you are onto something here. So far, I am very impressed"
- Tyler

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Struggling to communicate?

Cleft is for anyone looking to quickly get ideas out of their head and into an easily shareable format.

Use Cleft for ideation, async communication, planning, and more.

This isn't a collaboration tool or a shared knowledge base. This is your space for better notes without any of the typing.

Overwhelmed by complex notes apps?

Built for the Neurodiverse
Turn quick thoughts into actual notes you can use.

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Minimal Simple Interface
No favorites or folders, breadcrumbs or bookmarks.

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This Is Just You and Your Voice
You talk, Cleft takes notes. Share with a simple link.

Example of recording with an audio visualizer.

Ready to say goodbye to communication frustration?

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