Cleft Beta #6 | Offline Mode Has Arrived

Jonny Cosgrove

We are extremely excited to share the latest version of Cleft with you to start off May the right way - moving forward and improving your thought capture process.

Please update to the latest builds:

  • iOS Build 31
  • Mac Build 18

Release highlights

  • Offline mode is now ready
  • You may now pause a note
  • Lockscreen and Homescreen widgets have arrived on iOS
  • Keyboard shortcut for "Find" is now live with⌘ + F
  • You may now save your original audio file on Mac and iOS.
  • Our new help section is now live here. Expect more updates and content being posted here soon, including more iPhone and iPad dedicated content by this Friday.
  • and some bugs squashed

Have a read or listen to our latest release in a Cleft published note here.

Thanks to all the users who have been hunting bugs and letting us know, to make sure everybody has a better experience.

If you're interested to check out what we are working on right now, check out the roadmap here.

If you find anything not working as planned, please:

- Logout and quit

- Re-install,

- Then login to your account please.

Reach out to us

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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