Beta Release #9 | Obsidian, 30 minute notes, add images and documents are now live

Jonny Cosgrove

It's been 51 days since we released the first build of Cleft. Since then, TLDR it has been a wild ride. We are delighted to be showing you our latest release today. Full Cleft note here.

Check out the changelog here.

New Features

- Obsidian Integration: One of the top-voted items on the agenda is now live. Connect your vault on MacOS right away.

- Beta Pricing: Beta pricing is now live. Full details can be found [here](

- Insert Images and Photos: You can now insert images and photos into your notes. We can't wait to see how you make your notes even more beautiful.


- Language Selection: Language selection in settings is now mapped to transcription properly, eliminating auto language selection issues. The AI will respond in your spoken language by default if it's able to.

- File Uploads for Plus Subscribers: Plus subscribers can now upload images and files. These files are securely stored on Cleft's backend. For security, raw URLs are not exposed to prevent web scraping. Files are loaded securely when you open the note inside Cleft or when someone visits your published note page.

Supported File Types

- Image: PNG, GIF, JPEG, SVG
- Text: Plain text, Markdown
- Documents: MS Word, OpenXML Word, MS PowerPoint, OpenXML PowerPoint, MS Excel, OpenXML Excel
- Others: Patch files, PDF, ZIP, GZIP, TAR
- Video: MP4, QuickTime, WebM


- Bluetooth Tinny Issue**: Some users were experiencing issues with Bluetooth at times. We're pretty sure we have it nailed but we do want to hear from you, if you have issues with your bluetooth earphones.
- Date Issue in Notes: The problem with notes showing up with the wrong date should now be fixed. Please check if you were experiencing this issue.
- Transcription on Apple Silicon: Increased speed and accuracy of transcription on Apple Silicon devices.

Reach out to us

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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